Super Clone Cartier

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As the first leading role of the Super Clone Cartier Animal Dial Watches world since 1914, when a cheetah gorgeous encounter Cartier mysterious aesthetic tradition continuation of more than one hundred years.In Cartier, the cheetah’s image and spirit to show off.Whether representational or abstract, cheetah can always with exquisite mysterious face add charm to the works of Cartier temperament.

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In new Pantheres et Colibri “cheetah and hummingbird” on-demand display power stored in the wrist watch, a cheetah, in the company of a hummingbird resting peacefully, this scene is really fascinating.Such a scene is really fascinating.Gently press on the chain crown, a small leopard will leap from mother’s arms, leaping disturb hummingbird wings, Replica Cartier Watches UK and watch the power reserve display: new type 9915 MC movement through the height of the hummingbirds fly up to display the chain on the rest of the time.

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The dial elegant adornment is very simple: black background on bright diamond ornament, soft grass blowing in the wind. Cartier Good Quality Copy Watches spread diamond ring, yi yi is unripe brightness, clever contrast with dial.Cheetah silhouette vivid, three-dimensional fur decorated with diamonds and black spots.

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